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Dr Bradford would like to hear from those who have read his book. Many people have already written to encourage and thank him for the new light he has thrown on the person of Jesus. Extracts from their comments are reproduced on this page.

“I bought a copy of your book "The Jesus Discovery". I found it to be quite brilliant. I can only begin to understand how this information has been hidden for so long, buried under our traditional view of Jesus as the Christ only. What Jesus really said about so many things is often buried and distorted by the poor English translation of the original text. Your book has greatly enhanced my understanding of his life and work as described in the gospels and, I feel, brought me much closer to him personally. Jesus had a big job to open people's minds from their entrenched tradition and culture, as you have shown. I feel you have opened the door here to a much greater understanding of him, not just intellectually but personally also.”

This book challenges some of the assumptions that have been made about the person of Jesus Christ and suggests some surprising alternatives backed up by scriptural proof. Every serious Bible student and teacher needs to read it!
Mike Leader (Pastor of Charlton & Blackheath Christian Fellowship and Borough Dean in the London Borough of Greenwich)

“Backed with considerable research Dr Bradford gives penetrating insights - I found it easy reading and well written.”  


"A paradigm shift is nothing on this"         

N. Robinson (Dublin)

"Mind blowing. It stimulates the intellect."


Bill Jefferies. (Tenerife)

“I bought a copy of your book 'The Jesus Discovery' and I found it so very interesting and wonderful. Years ago I spent 10 years working in a boarding school for gifted musicians and I can truly
understand the idea that the Jewish authorities would not have let Jesus, that bright clever young man at 12 years of age, slip through their fingers. Thank you for all your work and the pleasure you have given me and many other people.”

John Chandler (Cardiff)

Agnes Crandall (USA)

Mrs F. Cleaver (Warwicks)

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“This book really helps make the Scripture come alive, as you begin to understand Jesus better.”  


T. Turner (London)

I've been a Christian since 1999, but after reading "The Jesus Discovery", I feel I've met Christ for the first time. When I first learned of this book, I was sceptical. Overcoming the perception of who Jesus was in His society is not easily done -- it requires overturning centuries of teaching. For someone who is quite orthodox, that's not easily done. But, from the interviews I'd heard with Dr. Bradford, I thought the book was worth investigating. And it was.

Dr. Bradford does not come to this radical view of who Christ was without evidence. And the evidence is of the best sort -- scripture. I never saw what was plainly in front of me. Jesus was consistently, by his enemies, afforded the respected titles of Doctor, Master, Teacher, Rabbi. These are official titles that required a high level of education -- just as they do today -- an education on par with university professors who have obtained the doctorate level of education. Why would such bitter enemies of Christ consistently use such titles of respect? Why did they never dismiss Jesus as an uneducated peasant? The answers become clear in "The Jesus Discovery."

I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad about never seeing what was right in front of me all these years -- no one else had either. Not until Dr. Bradford, that is. Hats off to Dr. Bradford for a brilliant work and for restoring to Christ what had been stolen from Him -- His education and the important position He held in the Jewish society of His day. As Dr. Bradford points out, it's an extreme insult to call someone uneducated who has reached the highest level of education possible -- even to the point where one has surpassed all the teachers and has climbed to a level no one has ever reached before. How could we expect anything less from the very Son of God?

There were questions and objections along the way, but Dr. Bradford addressed every one of them, and did so brilliantly. I highly recommend this book. Who Christ was, and is, on ALL levels, should be of greatest importance to all Christians. (And to everyone.) Don't miss out on this book because of blind preconceptions. It's eye opening and inspiring.

D. Kennedy (Colorado) from Amazon.Com

“For me slotting in this alternative for Jesus’ background was easy. What's more it was like throwing a switch and have all the lights come on at once.”

Geneida, Brisbane, Australia

'Might I say how much your book has impacted me - changed my thinking completely. Thank you'

Pastor Breeanna Rennie, Australia