The Jesus Discovery Another look at Christ’s Missing Years Dr A. T. Bradford Church Reviews

What is in the book?

Dr Bradford’s book of just 129 pages takes a refreshing look at the most important person in human history, Jesus Christ. Using contemporary documents and the Greek text of the New Testament we are encouraged to view Jesus from a first century Jewish standpoint, rather than the traditional western romantic one.

Chapter Headings


The Mission of this Book

Literature Review, Evidence

Chapter 1

The Reaction Christ Provoked

Chapter 2

Life in First Century Palestine

The Temple Plans of Herod

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Mary and the Birth of Jesus

Chapter 5

Didaskalô - One of the Highest Titles of Respect

Chapter 6

An Uneducated Carpenter?

Chapter 7

Jesus the Rabbi

Chapter 8

Jesus’ Later Contact with His Cousin, John the Baptist

Chapter 9

The Rabbi Jesus’ Choice of Disciples

Chapter 10

Jesus and the Sanhedrin

Chapter 11

The Authorities Watch and Wait

Chapter 12

The Doctor of Law - Combining Intimacy with the Power of Leadership

Chapter 13

The Pharisees Resort to Desperate Measures

Chapter 14

Lazarus and the Days Before the Arrest

Chapter 15

The Entry into Jerusalem

Chapter 16

Jesus’ Final Days as ‘Didaskalô’

Chapter 17

The Identity of Jesus


The Absence of Personal Sacrifices and Offerings in the Life of Christ



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“It is my hope that this book will shed both fresh and reliable historical light on the person of Jesus” - Dr A.T. Bradford (Author)